Adjustable Feeder-Waterer - The feeder that grows with your dog!

Adjustable Feeder-Waterer - The feeder that grows with your dog!

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Product Description

The Store-N-Feed is an adjustable, elevated feeding system that can hold up to 20 lbs of dry food, dog treats, toys, or just about anything that Fido needs either on the road, or at home. With the Store-N-Feed, owners no longer have to lug a heavy, messy bag of dog food at every meal. The storage space can be filled with food, and the bowls can be refilled directly from the feeder.

This unique feeding system also has a bottle reservoir and water dispenser, allowing the dog to have water at all times. Another feature is that this new feeder is adjustable, which allows owners to raise the height as their pet grows. It can be changed from 8" to 12" by rotating the top by 180 degrees.

Portable and easy to handle, the Store-N-Feed feeder is ideal for feeding pets when traveling on the road. At home, the feeder's design gives the dog's eating area a stylish, upscale look. The are two stainless steel bowls neatly placed in a quality, heavy-duty, plastic container. The new patented "Spill Ridge" catches food and water after the dog has devoured it, keeping the surrounding floor space tidy.

By raising the feeding area just below the dog's shoulders, a pet can chew more thoroughly and swallow more comfortably. The storage space makes it more convenient for owners to keep all of their four footed friends materials in one easy-to-find compartment.

Adjustable from 8" to 12"

  • Healthier feeding minimizes digestion and bloat problems
  • Minimizes strain on joints & muscles
  • Healthy, comfortable, feeding position
  • Recommended by veterinarians and breeders
  • Removable 2-quart size stainless steel bowls
  • Unique self-watering feature (just add a soda bottle to the built in receptacle)
  • Table ridge keeps floor clean
  • Convenient storage for toys, or up to 20 lbs. dog food
  • Portable easy for traveling
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