Aqua Pal Travel Aquarium Kit

Aqua Pal Travel Aquarium Kit

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Product Description


Perfect for a child to  transport their pet for show and tell or any place your On-The-Go Pet and child may want to go. The one-gallon kit features a removable hood with carrying handle, plus a battery-powered light for illumination over the tank -- ideal for nighttime viewing.

Kit comes with one gallon tank with handle and battery-operated lighted hood (uses two AA batteries, included), fish food, aquarium plant, Aqua Gems (sparkling colorful plastic gems that add dazzling colors to the tank's bottom) and Oxygen Stones (add oxygen to the tank for one month).

  • Ideal for fish, salamanders, newts, tadpoles, frogs, toads and hermit crabs
  • Tank dimensions with hood are 9 7/16"H x 7" in diameter
  • One Gallon Heart-Shaped Tank
  • Hood with Carrying Handle
  • Battery-Powered Light
  • Oxygen Stone (2 pcs)
  • Gravel
  • Plan

OXYGEN STONE generates oxygen when immersed in water. It keeps producing oxygen for about a month, enabling you to safely keep your fish in the tank without the use of an air pump.