Bufflehead House

Bufflehead House

Code: CC-10150



Product Description

The Bufflehead, with its striking white sides and white patch on its head, is smaller than most cavity nesting ducks. Due to the scarcity of holes excavated by large woodpeckers and flickers, it is dependent on nesting boxes. The house is best placed in swamps, shallow lakes or woods. It comes with a single side opening and includes wood chips which should be renewed each nesting cycle.

  • Measures: 17-3/4"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d
  • Comes with a single side opening for easy cleaning
  • Includes wood ships for nesting
  • Designed by experts and field tested
  • Features appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy cleaning
  • Provides superior insulation with greater temperature stability
  • Constructed to last
  • Handcrafted in Maine
  • Made from sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern white pine

These birds nest on wooded lakes and ponds and they winter mainly on salt bays and estuaries.

They breed in Alaska east to western Quebec and south in mountains to Washington and Montana. The ducks winter in the southern United States, south to Mexico, Gulf Coast and northern Florida.