Dog Mate Small Dog Door

Dog Mate Small Dog Door

Code: 221D



Product Description

Specially developed for small dogs up to a shoulder height of 14" and featuring a secure double point 4 way locking system. The secure 4-Way locking system gives you complete control over your dog's access. The 'LOCK OUT' setting will allow your cat to leave the house and ensures no unwanted animals may enter. The 'LOCK IN' setting will allow your dog to enter, but not escape from the house - ideal for keeping your dog in at night. The door can also be totally locked, allowing no passage in or out, or totally unlocked, allowing your dog to come and go as they please. Self lining and adjustable for doors, walls and screens from 0" to 2" thick. Can also be installed in walls of any thickness by creating a tunnel liner (instructions included). Transparent, silent action flap is preferred by most dogs. Magnetic closure keeps flap shut in strong winds. Sealed against rain, insects and drafts.
Opening size: 7.25" x 7.5"
Overall size: 9.75" x 10"
Cut out size: 8.5" x 9"
Available Colors: White or Brown