Freestanding Pet Gate HS - Origami White

Freestanding Pet Gate HS - Origami White

Code: 94158



Product Description


Like Richell's original freestanding pet gates, the HS has the same special features to keep your pet safely confined. Place it anywhere you need it, any time. Side panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over, plus the rubber feet keep it from sliding. Side panels fold in for easy storage or transport. Its beautiful hardwood construction complements Richell's other fine wood pet products! Also available in HL, Small, and Large sizes.

  • Designed to fit doorway or hallway openings from 28.3" to 47.2" wide
  • 7.5" higher than the original Freestanding Pet Gate!
  • Side Panel design prevents tipping over
  • Rubber Feet protect floor surfaces and prevent sliding
  • Side Panels fold in for easy storage or transport
  • Beautiful hardwood construction
General Product Information:
  • Recommended for small to medium dogs 6.5 to 33 lbs (3-15 kg)
  • Instruction manual included
  • 1 ľ" space between wire slats
  • Wire is 7 Gage or 0.144"
  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable Rubberwood
Product Features Overview
  • Extra Height for Extra Peace-of-Mind!
  • It is designed 7.5 " higher, plus it expands to a width of 47.2" to provide more options for usability in the home. Like Richell's "original" free standing gate, just simply lift the pet gate and place it wherever it's needed most.

  • Expands to an Overall Width of 47.2"!
  • The Freestanding Pet Gate HS is designed to fit doorway and hallway openings from 28.3" wide up to 47.2" wide. The two front panels expand to your desired width by simply adjusting the screws, keeping your pet safely confined in his/her "special" area.

  • Easy to Store or Take With You!
  • It is designed with Side Panels that fold in for easy storage or transport! Simply fold the panels in to store the pet gate in a closet or garage, or take it with you when traveling with your pet! The gate fits snugly into a trunk or on a luggage rack.

  • Rubber Feet Add Extra Protection!
  • The Freestanding Pet Gate HS also includes Rubber Feet to protect your floor surface from scratches and unsightly marks, in addition to keeping the gate in place for extra pet security.

  • Stylish, Functional and Eco-Friendly!
  • The Freestanding Pet Gate HS is made from rubberwood, an eco-friendly sustainable wood. Richell selected this particular timber as itís signature wood because of its high durability and tight grain, which takes beautifully to a wide range of finishes.

Available Style: 94146 (Brown) and 94158 (Origami White)