Sticky Paws Extra Large Size

Sticky Paws Extra Large Size




Product Description

The only way to make it better was to make it BIGGER! Identical formulation to our original Sticky Paws but much larger! Sheet size is 9"x12" for those over-sized area needs - like the backs of sofas, rugs and carpets. Sticky Paws XL is especially effective to help control inappropriate urination. Safe for furniture and cats when used as directed, non-toxic, odor free, and easy to apply.

Sticky Paws keeps cats from scratching furniture. It will also keep them off anything that you want. It has been applied to wherever cats like to go but shouldn't be. It has proven effective as a cat behavior modification tool to keep them away from stereo speakers, drapes, counter-tops, even your favorite pillow. Additionally, it completely solves any moral dilemma about declawing cats. Cats cannot stand the way it feels on their paws. Sticky Paws is applied directly to an area on furniture (or wherever you want it) in transparent adhesive strips. This adhesive, specially formulated for this product, does two things:
· it keeps Sticky Paws where you want it by adhering to the surface of where it is placed and...
· it repels the cats with a tacky feel they cannot tolerate.
The striking factor about Sticky Paws is that most cats tend to REMEMBER its placement - and it has been seen to be effective as a deterrent even after removal for as long as 3-4 weeks! For those daring and smarty sweethearts that continue to try your patience, another application usually does the trick!

· Won't harm furniture! Water soluble, especially formulated adhesive won't yellow fabric or leave sticky residue when removed
· Totally transparent so it won't ruin look of decor
· Non-toxic so it won't harm cats!
· Only requires small strips placed on strategic areas to be effective
· Makes an excellent gift for cat loving friends!
· Cut to any length needed, works on hard to get to areas
· Inexpensive solution
· Simple to apply and remove
· Odor free and water soluble
· Trains cats to use their scratching posts!
· Use on furniture, drapes, stereo speakers, screens and more!

Package of five, 9" x 12" strips.
Color: clear