Nip-Nibblers™ Catnip Toys

Nip-Nibblers™ Catnip Toys

Code: 3011



Product Description

Here is a catnip toy that will keep your kitty occupied for hours. Perfect for grabbing, kicking and batting around. The squeeze-release mesh dispenses just the right amount of catnip. Package of 3.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable nylon-weaved pouches release just the right amount of catnip when chewed or squeezed
  • Irresistible nip combined with fun texture and shape puts cats in a frenzy
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Effectively distributes the perfect amount of nip to drive cats wild for hours
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy for cats to play games of 'swat and chase'
  • Tube measures 5" x .5"

  • Behavior Solutions

    Anyone who lives with a cat knows that our feline companions still have one paw in the jungle. They exhibit many of the behaviors we see in their wild cousins, the tigers. Does your cat occasionally zoom around the house at 30 mph? Does he chew the house plants and lunge at moving targets, like you? Of course he naturally seeks out high perches so he can survey his kingdom. These are natural and necessary behaviors but they can be problematic in the home environment. We are continually offering cat-friendly products that help cat owners provide for the needs of their little tigers. We have learned that happy cats make happy humans.