Nuthatch Birdhouse

Nuthatch Birdhouse

Code: CC-10042



Product Description

Nuthatches are secondary cavity dwellers so they look for a nesting location that has already been established naturally or by another bird. They often locate housing away from buildings in a mature forest for protection from house sparrows. Four species live in North America: White-breasted, Red-breasted, Pygmy and Brown-headed).

Even though they do not take to nesting boxes as well as some other birds, they are cavity-dwelling birds and are worth trying to attract. Our nuthatch house design includes appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens easily for monitoring and cleaning.

  • Measures: 12-1/2"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d
  • Designed by experts and field tested
  • Features appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy cleaning
  • Provides superior insulation with greater temperature stability
  • Constructed to last
  • Handcrafted in Maine
  • Made from sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern white pine


Nuthatches like mixed woodlands, village trees and orchards. They reside throughout eastern U.S. except in southern Florida.