Purple Martin House

Purple Martin House

Code: CC-10090



Product Description

In the East, Purple Martins are attracted to houses with multiple apartments to establish colonies. The birds, while they live in colonies, are quite territorial. In designs which feature several holes in a row, martins will occupy only every other "room" unless the is house overly crowded.

This unique Purple Martin house features a series of "apartments" each of which is separated from the rest. The house's separation helps ensure the survival of the young and the wooden floors give them a secure footing. The eight "apartments" are side-opening for easy cleaning. The design allows for a flush mount or slips over a 2" pipe or telescoping pole.

  • Measures: 18"h x 17-1/2"w x 17-1/2"d
  • Features 8 "apartments" with side openings for easy cleaning
  • Design allows for a flush mount or slips over a 2" pipe or telescoping pole
  • Wooden floors provide secure footing for the young birds
  • Designed by experts and field tested
  • Features appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy cleaning
  • Provides superior insulation with greater temperature stability
  • Constructed to last
  • Handcrafted in Maine
  • Made from sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern white pine


These birds seek open woodlands, residential areas and agricultural land. They breed from British Columbia to central interior Canada and Nova Scotia southward - except for the interior western mountains and Great Basin. The birds winter in tropics.