SafariŽ Self-Cleaning Slicker

SafariŽ Self-Cleaning Slicker

Code: W419



Product Description

Quick, easy hair removal at the touch of a button.

With the touch of a button, the pins retract, hair falls away and the pad can
be wiped clean. Reposition the button and you're ready to go again. The
comfort grip handle and stainless steel pins provide excellent grooming results
with minimal effort.

  • Self-cleaning pins for quick and easy clean-up
  • Stainless steel wire pins gently remove dead hair, mats and tangles
  • Comfortable, easy-grip handle
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Directions for Use
Brush in the direction of hair growth, taking care to use
gentle strokes. Work on small areas, parting the hair in
sections. When pad becomes full, remove hair by pressing
button on back of pad, hair will be pushed off the pins.

Frequent brushing is needed for cats to help prevent hair
balls and maintain their coat's natural luster. Groom short-
haired cats every few days. Longhaired cats need to be
brushed daily - especially during shedding periods. Watch
for mats behind the ears, on chest and stomach, and on
hind legs. These are the areas that cats clean the least. Do
not remove too much hair at one time. It is best to maintain
a regular schedule of grooming vs. removing too much hair
during an individual grooming session.

After brushing, groom the entire coat with a Safari® cat
comb (A Safari® flea comb can also be used.) This added
step will remove any remaining loose fur and massage
the skin, further promoting the health of your cat's coat.
If possible, begin a grooming routine while your cat is still
a kitten.

Caution: The undercoat is shed during spring and grows
again in the fall. During this time period, use only a Safari®
cat comb or brush to avoid excessive thinning of the coat.