Slant Front Bluebird House

Slant Front Bluebird House

Code: CC-10055



Product Description

This old favorite is popular because it discourages cats and other predators. Since the bottom tapers, less nesting material is needed. The front opens easily for observation and cleaning. Mount this box high on a post so that potential occupants can be easily observed from a distance. The new entrance hole makes it easy for the mother to lean inside to feed her babies.

  • Measures: 17"h x 7"w x 9"d
  • Front opens easily for observation & cleaning
  • Due to tapered bottom, less nesting material needed
  • Designed by experts and field tested
  • Features appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy cleaning
  • Provides superior insulation with greater temperature stability
  • Constructed to last
  • Handcrafted in Maine
  • Made from sustainably grown 1" thick Eastern white pine

Bluebirds enjoy open woodlands, fields and farmlands with scattered trees. They breed east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The birds winter in the southern part of the breeding ra