Snoozer Travel Crate - Small

Snoozer Travel Crate - Small

Code: SN-84101



Product Description

Give yourself an easy way to transport your pet and keep your pet safely confined. Lightweight and collapsible, this pet travel crate is perfect for any pet owner on the move. Wide mesh panels create good air flow and allow for clear visibility to reduce stress and keep your pet calm during travel. Includes handy carrying straps and side door access.

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  • Lightweight carrier - provides instant boarding for your pet
  • Collapsible frame with easy folding
  • Handy carrying handles
  • Easy to unzip and set up in car, home, hotel or wherever you need a crate
  • Side door access without unzipping entire bag
  • Wide mesh panels for good air flow and clear visibility on three sides
  • Durable polyester material
  • Not intended to be used for safety and security while transporting pet in a car
  • Measures 12"H x 18"W x 12"D